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“God sent a man.” John 1:6

God still sends men and women. God still sends messengers of light. He still wants our testimony shared. And God still reveals Jesus as Lord and Savior through men and women who believe in Him.

Dennis Nonnemacher, Founder and President, Going Global Inc.

Nepal Testimony

I am pleased to introduce you to Roshni and Pena, who are sisters that have an incredible testimony. One year ago, these girls, along with their dad and mom accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.


Their dad was suffering from liver disease because he abused alcohol, their mom was disabled because of being hit by a fallen tree, and they had nowhere to live.


Paul’s team shared to gospel with the family, and they began trusting God for physical and financial miracles in their life. Today, their dad and mom are completely healed and the church came around them to build a small house for them to call home.


Roshni and Pena are now leaders in one of the Bridge Schools that Paul leads. The school is focused on reaching children and youth with the love of God and meeting practical needs for the community and church.


I can firsthand tell you how talented, called to ministry, and how blessed this church is to have them serving.

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