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Going Global Inc. is a different kind of mission organization: one that works alongside indigenous leaders who have a heart for their country's people to provide support, guidance, and resources to start and grow life-giving ministries. We are committed to feed, clothe, shelter, and educate orphans and widows, and train pastors and leaders in remote overseas countries.

How Going Global Inc. Began


Our first mission trip in 1985 was to Belize, Central America. Our plan was to build a school in a small village. The team was made up of 27 people. We did not finish the school and left with just four walls completed.  We were very disappointed. However, the missionary said to us, “It doesn’t matter.”  That was difficult to swallow! Upon our return one year later, we discovered the school was completely finished and it looked beautiful all painted, flowers, pictures, desks, and more.  The pastor and school principal said to us, “Come see our school.” The missionary then smiled and said, “It’s their school now. If you would have completed the building, it would be your school, and you would be responsible for all the maintenance. Now they are.”


An important core value was established on that trip that has been part of our ministry ever since.  It is—come along side of a responsible, indigenous leader and help him or her accomplish what God has put on their heart for their ministry. Never push our agenda upon them!


In 2002 we joined Pathfinders International as full-time missionaries responsible for developing international partners. This provided experience and network connections that would be helpful in 2007 when we launched Going Global Inc.


Going Global Inc. Today


We are an international mission organization that is serving in ten countries. We partner in ministry with indigenous leaders who have a heart for their people, especially orphans, widows, and pastors in remote areas. We also assist leaders who minister to children and women with high needs. We equip, connect, encourage, and provide resources and training for indigenous ministries with which the Lord arranges partnerships, providing they have interest in orphans, widows, and pastors in remote areas. In addition to the overseas work, we assist local churches to develop an effective cross-cultural ministry outside their walls locally, internationally. Going Global Inc. also funds projects. We are recognized as a 501c3 charitable organization.

"And their eyes were opened and they recognized Him."

Luke 24:31

Our Mission

Our mission is to equip, encourage, train, and love the next generation of children, young men and women, and Christian leaders so that they can reach the world with love, compassion, and salvation of Jesus Christ.

Our Mission

What We Do

  • We equip and encourage young leaders in the Body of Christ all over the world through sound, Biblical teaching, providing resources, encouragement, and leadership-skills development.

  • We bring hope, joy, and Christian teaching to children throughout the world by providing love and encouragement, education opportunity, financial support, food, clothing, and worker training.

  • We connect the Body of Christ to develop vision for mobilizing their church in God's mission to rescue a lost and hopeless world without salvation through Jesus Christ.

  • We provide humanitarian assistance, through those who God connects us with, for those in need regardless of race, gender, age, religious beliefs, or geographic location.

Where We Work

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