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Myanmar Highlights from 2022

We are grateful that Elizabeth sent us a detailed recap of the events of 2022 at Love Children’s Home in Myanmar. Here is the good news from Myanmar:

Greetings from Love Children's Home, Myanmar. The following are a few highlights of what happened in our ministry last year 2022.

On March 1st, we were able to do the groundbreaking ceremony of "Peter Thang Private School,” which will be home for more than 300 orphans to be able to get quality education freely. The building is almost finished, and the school will be open by June 1, 2023.

In the year 2022, we were able to donate more than 600 warm blankets from our Loom House to places that are at war in Myanmar. More than 600 IDPs (Internationally Displaced Persons) received our lovely blankets.

In May we invited Rev. Ling Ma Na and had a Bible teaching conference for all of our network orphanages. It was held at the LCH campus, and more than 500 kids were able to join his teaching of salvation for 7 days. On the last day, 76 kids from the orphanages received Jesus Christ as their Savior and got baptized. When the camp started, some kids just arrived at the orphanage from Buddhist families, and they received Jesus as their Savior.

May 28, 2022, was the 27th anniversary of LCH. In honor of the anniversary, our LCH young adults went into villages, from one house to another, and shared the gospel about Jesus. We also gave rice and Bible flyers to the villagers.

On July 19th, we had a youth conference and more than 500 youths from the village joined the conference to hear the teaching. A lot of lives were impacted and changed.

We had our 1-year memorial service of our dad, Peter Za Hlun Thang on Aug 21st.

In September our church planters and LCH kids were able to visit villages and share the gospel with the unbelievers. They also shared blessings of rice bags and cooking oils.

At Christmas our kids went to different villages and share the gospel, with more than 2,000 families and gave rice bags.

Through the ministry in 2022, more than 6,000 people were able to hear the gospel and more than 500 people received Jesus as their Savior.

Thank you so much for all the support you have given in 2022. With your support, thousands of lives have been changed and impacted. Going forward in 2023, our vision still remains the same, which is that our kids may have life and have it abundantly. This year, we are also starting to support our young adults with scholarship programs and let them join schools of their passions such as fashion and design school, electronic repairs school, college, nursing schools, and others. We hope this program will change their lives and impact their lives and future careers.

Please continue to support us in the year 2023 to change and make a difference in more lives. We will stay in touch.

Elizabeth Thang


Nepal Church Planting

During a recent zoom prayer time, our partner Paul in Nepal, informed us of new events to pray about. We want to share them in this newsletter and encourage you to join us in prayer as well.

He has started three slum schools with plans for a fourth in a remote mountain village. There is also a great need for house churches. Apparently, the very poor are not always welcomed in the established churches because they are often dirty and smell bad. Yet they are hungry for more of Jesus just like others. Paul’s response is to start house churches for them. They have four already staffed with volunteers who will welcome, teach, and minister to needs of adults and children in slum areas and very remote villages. Plans are underway to plant 4-5 more house churches in 2023 in slum areas and in the villages.


Holy Land Christmas

We helped our friend Mazen conduct a Christmas outreach in the West Bank. They invited several hundred Arab families for gifts, a meal, and a Christmas service. Here are a couple testimonies:

“One of the best days for me this year, just to be around people and to enjoy the unexplainable joy felt tonight, thank you,”

“The food coupons came at the right time; you can’t imagine the joy I have to be able to buy all the needs for cooking a good healthy meal.”


Food For Thought

“Send us out all over the world so that everyone everywhere will discover Your ways and know who You are and see Your power to save.” Ps 67:1-2

The blessings we receive are not just for us to store up in our little blessing bag. Our job is to share the story of salvation beyond our own personal borders of our church, family, community, and nation. We are all ambassadors for Christ, the Shepherd of the nations. (V4)


Prayer Requests

You can be an important part of our ministry by praying for us. Prayer is a weapon of warfare, and we covet your prayers. If you would like us to pray for you, e-mail your prayer requests to us. Please pray for the following:

We thank you, in advance, for praying for the following:

  • Your pastors and their families.

  • Church planting in Nepal.

  • Need to purchase land and build a school for the Bible school in the Andaman Islands.


Ministry Goal

“And their eyes were opened and they recognized Him.” Luke 24:31

We founded Going Global Inc. in 2007 with this ministry goal. It is still our heart today. Thank you for praying and partnering with us. Together, we can do a lot!

Dennis & Robin Nonnemacher


Give Online

Help reach orphans, widows, and pastors in remote areas of the world.

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