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January 2021 – Looking Back at 2020

Hi Everyone!

What a crazy year! How often have you heard that lately? Plenty is our guess. However, as strange as 2020 was worldwide, politically, socially, medically, economically, there was a whole lot more positive than negative for us and those we serve if we stop and think about it. We continually see families out walking together, or sitting together on porches and patios. There are parents helping with schoolwork, and churches and businesses building new ways to communicate online rather than in-person. Families, schools, businesses, and churches are using Zoom technology to communicate. People are actually looking at and listening to one another face to face!


Making Adjustments

A meal for village children

We haven’t been able to travel overseas during 2020, but we stayed in touch in a variety of ways. We stayed focused on our call to equip, encourage, teach, connect and provide resources to those we partner with in many nations. Thanks to your prayers and financial support, we have been able to provide food, clothing, medical supplies, masks, clean water and a whole lot of encouragement throughout the year. Our team is also developing new ways to teach pastors and leaders using online technology for 2021. We have already tested a few ways and are making plans for the first half of 2021 to minister to our partners without traveling to their nations by using online methods.

Mobile Christmas in the Andaman Islands.
Living Hope Orphanage in Myanmar

Encouraging News

One of the most encouraging events of 2020 was Christmas. We initially were a bit discouraged thinking that the usual outreaches would be cancelled because of the Covid pandemic in all nations. But as usual, the Lord had other plans for those who paid attention to Him. In the Andaman Islands the mobile Christmas outreaches to the islands were held with some adjustments. They televised their annual Christmas program in Hindu to nearly one million people. In Nepal we were able to purchase a new motorcycle for Paul and distribute hundreds of blankets, caps and shoes as usual along with food and masks. In Kenya we provided funds to help complete a new church building. In Vietnam food. In Bangladesh funds to help complete a ministry building. Can you believe there is more?

We decided to partner in five countries and raise $5 per child or widow in order to purchase a Christmas gift and good meal. We chose Myanmar, Nepal, Andaman Islands, Kenya, Cuba. We communicated this idea on Facebook, our website, Instagram, mobile App and newsletters. The response was wonderful, and we were able to wire thousands of dollars to more than five countries for Christmas gifts. Thirteen orphanages in Myanmar had what they called “Family Christmas” for just orphans and staff, because they could not invite outsiders this Christmas. The orphanage in the Andaman Islands did the same on Christmas Day.

In Cuba several children’s holiday outreaches were held throughout the island for thousands of kids. Hundreds of street kids and widows received blankets to keep them warm in Nepal. Our partners in Kenya provided food for many children and families at Christmas.

What can we add to this? Only a sincere THANK YOU!

Happy New Year,

Dennis and Robin


Food For Thought

“My purpose in writing is to encourage you and assure you that what you are experiencing is truly part of God’s grace for you. Stand firm in this grace.” 1 Peter 5:12

Grace is receiving what we do not deserve. Mercy is not receiving what we deserve. His grace and mercy are never ending. Stand firm in God’s grace and mercy.


Prayer Requests

You can be an important part of our ministry by praying for us. Prayer is a weapon of warfare, and we covet your prayers. If you would like us to pray for you, e-mail your prayer requests to us. Please pray for the following:

  • Pray for your pastors and their families.

  • Pray for divine wisdom for our government leaders.

  • Pray for our family, especially our granddaughter who is being treated for cancer.

  • Pray for the leading of the Holy Spirit as we plan 2021.

  • Pray for the pandemic to end quickly.


Dennis & Robin Nonnemacher Going Global Inc. PO Box 12467 Green Bay, WI 54307


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