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Orphans reading in Myanmar

It’s that time of the year in many of the areas we partner at for children to return to school. Imagine sending between 100 and 500 children back to school. We struggle at times with sending just a couple back to school! Love Children Home in Myanmar and the Andamans will send over 600 to school this year. The cost for that is enormous—tuition, books, uniforms, and all the supplies. The slum school in Nepal will help educate over 100 this year.

In this newsletter we take the opportunity to highlight what’s taking place in a few areas:

Andaman orphan kids going back to school.

Andaman Islands

The orphan children, all 120 of them, are waiting to return to school. They must pay tuition, have uniforms, and all school supplies and the cost per student is around $200. The Bible school is also open with 15 new students bringing the total to around 30 this year. What a blessing it is to see how the Lord orchestrates education for the children He cares for and loves—children of all ages!

Slum school students ready for school.


The Slum school is now open and children have returned. This year high school age young men and women will be included along with elementary age group. In addition to basic education these children receive clean water to drink, good meals each week and clothing when needed. Paul and Bhawana are making a huge difference in the lives of children in Kathmandu and remote villages.

Myanmar kids in school.


All 500 orphans from 13 orphanages are returning to school in Myanmar with nice uniforms, books and supplies. Private tutoring also takes place at each orphanage for those who need help. The new Peter Thang Education Center is making good progress and should be open one year from now for 500 elementary and high school age kids.

Thank you for your prayers and financial support for sending kids back to school in different regions of the world. You are making a difference in their lives.

Dennis and Robin


Personal Story

Officer Cer Zi today.

Hello, my name is Cer Zi, originally from Myanmar. Currently, I am living in Arlington, Texas and working as a police officer at JPS hospital. Prior to this, I graduated from Abilene Christian University with a Criminal Justice Degree in 2017. Upon graduation, I began working as a police officer in the City of Arlington for almost four years before I moved on to the JPS Police Department.

Cer Zi as an orphan at Love Children Home

My brother and I were at Love Children’s Home from 2001-2006. Ever since my brother and I left Love Children’s Home, my goal has been to visit, but unfortunately, due to the pandemic and the current political situation in Myanmar, we are unable to visit.

Last year, Our hearts were broken to hear the passing of Aphegyi (Peter Za Hlun Thang). He was such an influential person that we all loved and adored. It is so hard to believe it and accept that fact that he is no longer with us, but I know he is in a better place. May he rest In peace.

I pray for the opportunity to come visit soon and visit Aphegyi's resting place. I believe God has a plan for me (for all of us) and, according to His timing, things will work out.

I want to say thanks to everybody at LCH(Amegyi, my teachers, friends & LCH kids) Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you for all your prayers and love.

I know I cannot get through this life without the comfort of your prayers!

I love you all!

Cer Zi


Mission Update

Jesus prepared His disciples to continue His ministry after He left, and what He had to say is recorded in the Gospel of John. In chapter 17 He mentions that He sends His disciples like the Father sent Him—in the power and presence of Holy Spirit. (John 14:16-18, Acts 1:8)

In addition, He gives us eight additional things to help.

He sends us in the Father’s name, His Word, His joy, His truth, His glory, in unity, with His love.

“And for their sake I consecrate Myself, that they also may be sanctified in truth. I do not ask for these only but also for those who will believe in Me through their word, that they may be one, just as You, Father, are in Me, and I in You, that they also may be in Us, so that the world may believe.” John 17:19-20


Food For Thought

“We placed our confidence in Him, and He will continue to rescue us.” 2 Corinthians 1:10

The apostle Paul was near death on many occasions. But he put his trust in God, and God came through for him. Do you have the same confidence that God will come through for you in tough times? Call out to Him and see what happens.


Prayer Requests

You can be an important part of our ministry by praying for us. Prayer is a weapon of warfare, and we covet your prayers. If you would like us to pray for you, e-mail your prayer requests to us. Please pray for the following:

We thank you, in advance, for praying for the following:

  • Your pastors and their families.

  • Funds to send all the orphans back to school.

  • People will begin to honor other’s opinions without judging them.

  • Our government leaders to use Godly wisdom


Ministry Goal

“And their eyes were opened and they recognized Him.” Luke 24:31


Give Online

Help reach orphans, widows, and pastors in remote areas of the world.

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