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October 2021 - Hope for those without hope

Hi Everyone!

Bangladesh is a Muslim nation with very few Christians. We partner with a young Christian couple named Suhken and Puspa who have a heart for children, widows, and pastors in remote areas. Their ministry is called Generation Bangladesh. Throughout the year they conduct training for those who work with children. They have an orphanage and are close to finishing a new ministry center. We would like to share a few stories from their ministry in this month’s newsletter.

From Helpless to Hope

Priyanka came to our family home as a little girl, because she was in a very tough situation. Lack of food and there was no finance to go to school. She became our daughter in Little Angel Family Home in 2005. We loved and raised her up for 14 years, and she completed her education there. Then she met and got married in 2019 to a fine Christian young man who works in the textile industry. Now Priyanka and Proshanto have a daughter named Priyonti; she is 1 year old. Priyanka came to our family home in a hopeless situation at the age of 5, but now she has everything and a life which is full of hope. Praise God for Priyanka, Proshanto, and Priyonti and for their family.

Standing Among the Suffering

We praise God because in the tough pandemic situation, He is still using us for His glory. God helped our team to help thousands of starving families with monthly grocery packages during the last few months. When we have a lockdown in Bangladesh, many people have no work, nothing to eat, and nothing to offer to their children. God used Generation Bangladesh Team to stand beside the day-to-day laborers' families in Bangladesh who needed help. Many mothers and fathers cried with joy when they received monthly grocery packages and were able to feed their children. We were able to help over 10,000 families with our monthly grocery packages. All glory to God.

Family Homes

Family Homes for the fatherless is our most exciting and direct effective ministry. All the kids in our four family homes are doing good during this pandemic. No sickness yet, and God protected all our kids and all our home parents. The government has kept all schools closed for the last one and a half years because of the pandemic. So kids are getting eager day by day to go to school and start their studies. It is hard for the children to stay at home and not be social with their friends. We are teaching music and helping them to do some housework, so they can spend their time in a productive way.

Youth Leadership Training Through Zoom

Technology is a blessing when we have to stay at home in lockdown. So we took the opportunity to connect with our youth leaders and arrange two different leadership trainings for them through Zoom. The young people were eager to learn and participate from their homes.

Going Global Inc. is grateful to be connected to Generation Bangladesh Ministry. Please pray for provision, protection, and wisdom to direct the ministry during this difficult season. They are making a difference for God in their nation!

Grateful for you,

Dennis and Robin

Priyanka, Pryonti, and Proshanto.

Food for the widows.

Rice for the hungry.

Leader training for ministry staff.

Children at Kid’s Camp.

Orphans with a smile.


Food For Thought

“Then, like a shepherd leading his sheep, God led His people out of tyranny, guiding them through the wilderness like a flock.” Psalm 78:52

Jesus is a Good Shepherd! He knows our name and cares for us. Sheep know the shepherd’s voice and follow him. Do you know His voice? Are you following Him?


Prayer Requests

You can be an important part of our ministry by praying for us. Prayer is a weapon of warfare and we covet your prayers. If you would like us to pray for you, e-mail your prayer requests to us. Please pray for the following:

  • Pray for Generation Bangladesh Ministry.

  • Pray for your pastors.

  • Pray for our family.

  • Pray for healing for several of our friends and family who are suffering from cancer.

  • Pray for Godly wisdom for our government leaders.


Give Online

Help reach orphans, widows, and pastors in remote areas of the world.


Dennis and Robin Nonnemacher PO Box 12467 Green Bay, WI 54307 1-765-589-3689

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