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Christmas Pine Tree

This Christmas we are giving $5 to provide a gift and a meal to orphans, children, and widows in five different countries. God is a gift giver, and we are blessed to share His love around the world this Christmas!



Street Children & Widows

Each year we purchase blankets, shoes and knit caps for the children and widows who live on the streets of Kathmandu and remote villages. Just $5 will purchase a blanket or shoes and knit cap. A Christmas meal will be given to the street children and widows.


christmas andaman.jpg


Orphans, Widows, and Outreach

This Christmas our partner in the Andaman Islands will provide Christmas gifts to the children we care for at Love Children's Home, widows, a mobile Christmas outreach where thousands will hear the message of Jesus, and a special Christmas broadcast to the islands that will reach 1,000,000 people with the gospel.


Christmas Myanmar.jpg


Orphans & Widows

The network of orphanages we serve includes 13 different locations, with more than 500 orphans. Each orphanage is going to throw a huge Christmas party, complete with a gift and meal for each child.




Back to School Supplies

One of the highlights this year has been the house church movement in Kenya. While things have been locked down, the house churches are thriving. We will provide Christmas meals and gifts for those that are in these congregations.​


Ca Vietnam.jpg


Outreach to the Poor

We partner with a church in the North, where outreach happens to the poor. We will provide a Christmas meal and gift through our partner in Vietnam.


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