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Going Global

Our Team

Dennis and Robin NonnemacherDennis and Robin Nonnemacher - Founders of Going Global

Our ministry began with a trip in 1985 to Belize, CA,  to build a school. We were the directors of the mission committee for a church and led a team to a small rural village to build a one story elementary school. After that trip, we spent the next 11 years organizing and leading teams annually to various countries to build churches, schools and do children's outreaches.

In 1996, we left our secular occupations, which was business and nursing to work full time in ministry. In 2002, we became full time missionaries with Pathfinders International and in 2007 began Going Global Inc. to focus on ministering to orphans, widows, children and pastors of small rural churches.

We partner with several indigenous ministries overseas in order to help them accomplish their vision.



Peter and Rebecca
Outreach to Myanmar - Peter and Rebecca

Peter and Rebecca are excited about the different ministries that God has provided for them to lead. Currently, they oversee: Orphanages; Bible School; Church Planting; and several Evangelical Outreaches.

Learn more about these ministries and how you can support Peter and Rebecca.



Raja and SheebaOutreach to Andaman Islands - Raja and Sheeba

Since the tsunami in 2004, Raja and Sheeba have seen God's grace and provision of their ministry to the Andaman Islands. They oversee: An Orphanage; Pastors' Conferences; Outreaches to widows and children; Christmas Outreaches; and a weekly television program.

Learn more about these ministries and how you can help those in the Andaman Islands.




Paul and Vawana
Outreach to Nepal - Paul and Vawana

Paul and Vawana spend most of their time caring for the needs of street kids.  There are thousands who live on the streets in Nepal. They show love towards them regardless of the location or conditions.  They feed, clothe, and educate the children. When medicine is available they treat their wounds. Paul also teaches and encourages pastors in remote areas of Nepal.

Learn more about this ministry and how you can support those in Nepal.


Peter and AnneOutreach to Kenya – Peter and Anne

Peter and Anne minister in Kitale, Kenya.  Their ministry includes pastoring a church, overseeing 12 other churches and ministries, and orphanage, and elementary school.  Peter is also the chairman of the board of directors for a local high school.

Learn more about this ministry and how you can support those in Kenya.


Manuel and Isabel
Outreach to Cuba – Manuel and Isabel

Manuel and Isabel oversee a group of Bible schools, several churches, mission outreaches, as well as ministry to widows and children.  Their network includes: 24 missionaries, 49 pastors from 42 denominations, 166 Bible schools, and 2700 students.

Learn more about this ministry and how you can support those in Cuba.


Mazen and RandaOutreach to Israel – Mazen and Randa

Mazen and Randa are Palestinian Christians who are pastors of an evangelical church in Old Jerusalem.  They have satellite locations in other parts of Israel as well.  They have special outreaches for women, widows, business leaders, and children.

Learn more about this ministry and how you can support those in Israel.





Esther Hall - Outreach for AfricaAfrican Regional Director - Esther Hall

Esther has been involved with global missions for 25 years in over 20 countries. She is excited to share her gifting and experiences to mobilize the Church, stateside and abroad, to do the work of the ministry. As the African Regional Director, Esther will continue to spearhead ministry partnerships and development in the areas of training rural pastors, children's ministry projects including orphans, and building vital ministry links to encourage families including widows and women.



Director of Education - Shea Kerkhoff

Shea Kerkhoff and family - Director of EducationShea Kerkhoff will now be the Director of Education for Going Global, Inc. Her responsibilities include all the nations where we are currently partnering with ministry leaders. Because education is a huge part of a child's life, if a child is in school from 8am - 3pm, daycare from 3pm - 5pm, with the family 5pm - 8pm, and sleeping 8pm - 7am, then that child is spending most of their conscious hours in school. This is true in the U.S. and all over the world. If we want to minister to children around the world, and children spend most of their time in school, then we can impact them the most by reaching them at school. Shea is also hoping to be able to use her new role to connect teachers and their classes in the U.S. with classes in our partners' communities, so that children in American classrooms can talk with children in Myanmar, Kenya, India, and visa versa. These budding relationships can do enormous work for the Kingdom.


Chad Chism - Southeast Asia Regional Director

Southeast Asia Regional Director - Chad Chism

Chad Chism is a native of Indiana, grew up in a farming family, and has always had the nations in his heart.  Chad is a graduate of Purdue University, majoring in Communication and Agricultural Economics.  In 2006 he took a mission trip that would change his life forever.  It was there that he met his wife!  Chad, together with his wife Hang, lived in Vietnam for 3 years teaching English, building fresh water wells, keeping kids in school, ministering to children, the poor, leaders in remote areas and building a network of trusted relationships.  Chad and Hang have helped to plant nearly 10 church communities, bring healing to minority people groups, financial aid to the poor, and hope to the oppressed in Vietnam.  Chad and Hang live and work in Lafayette, Indiana and have 2 daughters: Lauren and Rachel.

What We Do 
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