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Robin and DennisMinistry Update

Hi Everyone!

Her name is Yin Yin, and she never quits smiling.  She’s the happiest child I’ve ever met!  She’s an orphan at Love Children Home in Myanmar, Southeast Asia.  Her friend’s name is Pine Tha.  She doesn’t smile as much but she is always looking for a hand to hold and a hug or two.  She’s tender and warm hearted.  Both of these children are around 13 years old and hungry for attention.  They came to the orphanage because one or both of their parents died or abandoned them.  Andrew, another little orphan boy, has one brother and three sisters at the orphanage.  His father died and his mother couldn’t care for the five children, so she brought them to Love Children Home knowing they would live much better there than with her.  Imagine the pain in her heart as she handed them over to Peter and Rebecca, the founders of the orphanage.  There are 600 more stories like these in the dozen orphanages that we support in Myanmar along with our partner churches, businesses, and individuals.

We just returned from Myanmar along with a team of 14 people from Texas, California, Wisconsin and Indiana.  For half of the group it was their first visit to the orphanage and an event that changed their lives forever.  Each day was filled, from morning to evening, with opportunity to build relationships with the kids and each other.  We worshipped together, played silly games, danced, held hands, shared hugs, and taught each other words in our language.  Each day included an interesting craft project that included a life lesson and a whole lot of love!

Our friends Paul and Vawana from Nepal traveled to Myanmar to be with us for the week.  Believing that the Lord has plans for an orphanage, hostel, and school in their ministry, we thought it would be good for them to meet and spend time with Peter and Rebecca.  A great deal of impartation took place over the week in both directions - Myanmar to Nepal and visa versa.  Our team benefited greatly as well by getting to know people from another region of our ministry.

When the week came to an end, like always it was difficult to leave.  It is unbelievable how deep the relationships become in such a short period of time.  The orphans sort of adopt us.  We spend all day, every day with them and it is hard leaving them behind!  And the team always desires to return again.

Here are a few team comments:

  • "I didn’t feel like an outsider.  I have benefited greatly."  
  • "We were prepared well to go, and to serve and to return." 
  • "Something has changed.  Something has been added to my life.  Maybe something has been deleted too." 
  • "I miss the kids and adults in Myanmar.  I close my eyes and I’m back to that special Godly place.  Thank you for giving me this precious memory." 
  • "This mission has been full of BLESSINGS and MIRACLES.  I feel overwhelmed with God’s love.  Thank you all for your love, kindness, encouragement and for just being you!" 
  • "Thank you for all your wisdom and prayers."
  • "I was incredibly touched on this trip." 
  • "It was mentioned being recommissioned for God’s service.  That was meant for me!  This trip was my time to know my purpose again, and just trust God for my future." 
  • "Can’t wait to do more of the Lord’s work again.  I shared my experience at our church and now have a collection of people ready to go as well.  Our church is catching fire for this."

You, too, can catch the vision.  If you are looking for a new view of life, try a mission trip with us!

Thanks for your continued prayers and support for our ministry.


Dennis and Robin


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