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Robin and DennisMinistry Update

Hi Everyone!

It seems like everybody wants to go to Africa at least once in their life. Some are blessed to do so. Shea Kerkhoff, the Regional Director for Going Global Inc. in Africa, recently returned from leading a team to Kenya. She so beautifully shares her time there with us:

"It's been a year since Going Global visited Peter and Anne at Upper Room Grace Ministries in Kenya. So much has changed there in the last year. The well that Going Global Inc. sponsored in 2016 to provide clean water for Peter's orphanage is now providing clean water to two schools also. The Chicken Project, which began in March, is now off and running. The baby chicks are being cared for in what was once Peter's office. When they are old enough, they move into the chicken coop in what was once the preschool. We were a bit surprised when a chicken greeted us when we arrived to see Peter and the orphans. Things are changing quickly! Our trip in June had three missions:

1. To facilitate teacher training on technology
2. To encourage community leaders and pastors, and
3. To show God's love to the children.

For the teacher training, a group of North Carolina State University professors and schoolteachers joined the team to show teachers in Peter's county how to integrate technology with teaching, and how to support their students in developing digital literacy. Dr. Hiller Spires led the New Literacies Teacher Leader Institute and teachers received a certificate of completion for their participation. Dr. Michelle Falter and Dr. DeLeon Gray also presented keynote addresses. More information on the institute can be found here The teachers were very dedicated to lifelong learning and to helping their students.

Dan and Josh Kerkhoff served the community leaders in the county by providing a two-day leadership seminar. Following Going Global's mission to encourage pastors and leaders doing the work of the kingdom, Dan preached on our inheritance that God promises us as joint heirs with Christ. The leaders were served a delicious meal of beef, chicken, vegetables, and ugali or rice each day to bless them.

On Saturday of the trip, the Upper Room Grace Ministries welcomed over 300
children from their church and surrounding churches. We sang songs, danced, played games, created art, and learned Romans 12:4-6. The children enjoyed a special day just for them, and the team enjoyed spending the day with them. They were such a joy!

Since the last time we visited, Peter has also begun a health clinic to serve the orphanage and the community. A full-time nurse provides vaccines and medical treatment. Upper Room Grace Ministries is growing in reach and impact. This year, we were able to witness Peter's outreach at the county level. There is good fruit with this ministry, and we are excited to watch as the impact grows from the county to the nation and then the continent in the future."

Going Global Inc. is thrilled to partner with Peter and Anne in Kenya for the work of Upper Room Grace Ministries. Please keep them in your prayers. You can support this wonderful work by giving to them through our ministry.

Thanks for your prayers and support.

Dennis and Robin


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