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Ministry Update

Robin and Dennis

What a fabulous trip we just had in Israel with Karl and Amy Steinbrinck.   We conducted outreaches for children in two locations, a two-day women’s conference, and a two-day conference for children’s ministry leaders.  We also had the opportunity to participate in a men’s Bible study for Arab men who have received Christ as Lord and Savior and a few other events.
Several of the women gave testimonies after the women’s conference held in the West Bank area near Bethlehem.  Robin, Amy, and Randa, pastor Mazen’s wife, conducted the conference.  The following are some of the women’s testimonies:
"There are some things that I don’t like about myself--actually many things.  When we prayed--three things came to me. But when the ladies prayed for me, I felt like a mountain of sand was falling off my back and shoulders, and I went away from the conference free at last."
"I was so encouraged by Robin and Amy.  The teaching encouraged me to see myself as useful.  Even though I have a small ministry, this ministry is not small to the Lord.  It is important to Him and others.  It’s God’s ministry!   That changed my heart about my work for the Lord."
"In the session when women were sharing and we were writing encouraging notes to one another, several women gave me notes saying that I never give up when things are difficult.  From that I went away really, really encouraged because I did not see that strength in me."
"When the ladies asked us to encourage other people, I realized it is difficult for me to say positive things to other people.  I felt it in my heart.  So, I challenged myself in this area, and now I am free from that fear."
"I was living far away from the Lord.  After this conference, the teaching and prayer, I feel closer to the Lord, and my life is so encouraged."
One of the children’s outreaches was at a school with almost all Arab children.  Karl presented a message about making good life choices to the children.  It was received well.  Then we distributed 127 Shoe Boxes from Samaritan’s Purse to the children, a program Pastor Mazen manages in the area.
Pastor Mazen’s vision is to reach the Arab people with the Good News, and he is doing a wonderful job accomplishing this.  He distributes food to over 200 families monthly, has four satellite churches in the West Bank, and conducts several Bible studies for men and women.  We had the opportunity to participate in a men’s Bible study for Arab men, we were able to visit a Bible school in the West Bank, and teach at a House Church in the West Bank area. 
Please keep Pastor Mazen’s work in your prayers.  He has many challenges daily but is determined to never give up even when circumstances become difficult, even dangerous.

We are honored to partner with him, his church and ministry in bringing the love of Christ to the Arab people in Israel.
Thank you for your prayers and financial support for all we do.  You are a big part of what is taking place in Israel and other nations where we work.


Dennis and Robin


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