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Robin and DennisMinistry Update

Hi Everyone!

"We connect, equip, and encourage people! We provide resources as well." That is our response when asked, "What does Going Global Inc. do?"

Recently in April a group of 12 people traveled to Myanmar to spend time with orphan children at Love Children Home. Here are some of their comments upon returning, so you can see what happens in the minds and hearts of those who "go" and "connect" and "encourage" on a mission trip:

"I woke up last night with my head on the pillow in the USA, but my heart is in Myanmar—a place where I went to serve. I left with my feet having been washed. A place where I see what love means and what love does. A place where I receive the touch of God." MP

"Reflecting on almost two decades of traveling to Love Children Home, this trip was particularly meaningful. I have had the privilege of seeing an amazing transformation with the ministry there. Today, the orphanage and ministry are thriving. Thanks to those early seeds of faith, learning, leading and training, the orphanage is a model that others around the world aspire to become.

The greatest blessing for me is to see the "original" orphans grow up to be strong men and women of God. Now they are in their 30's, many of them with families of their own, some married to pastors and church planters, many of them serving in the ministry in a variety of capacities. From my first trip in 2000 to this day, Myanmar and the precious people at Love Children Home have a very special place in my heart. It's never good-bye; it's see you later!

I am grateful for the opportunity and look forward to many more trips with the Going Global Inc. team. If any of YOU desire to be used by God, because of your heart for orphans and widows around the world, contact Going Global Inc. Your life will be profoundly changed!" MC

"This was my first mission trip, and it was truly life-changing! For me Love Children Home was almost a little foretaste of heaven—a place where the materialistic world seemed to end and where the supernatural love of God took over. The children just radiated joy and love!

As I prepared for this trip, I spent a lot of time praying that God would provide direction on how I could best serve the kids. His answer became apparent from the moment I arrived—all He wanted from me was a warm heart and the willingness to share love and personal attention with those kids. Distractions of the materialistic culture were stripped away and replaced with a full-on glimpse of God's transformative love in action. I was also blessed to work with a wonderful and experienced Going Global Inc. mission team." JL

"This team was very effective. The key to this was everyone cooperating with the Holy Spirit, having compassion on one another, having love for the children, and a desire to come alongside the Love Children Home ministry vision. One of the team members led a marvelous workshop for the orphans on how to write songs and music with Holy Spirit promptings." CC

"Missions is something I've always been interested in, but before this trip, I've put up excuses of why I couldn't go. This time was different. When asked to go, I instinctively said, 'yes' and found a way to make it happen. If something always gets in your way from going, next time you are asked to go, just say YES!"ZK

There you have it! Real testimonies from a few who have experienced the presence and love of the Lord after responding to His last command—"Go into all the world and make disciples."

Thanks for supporting what we do. You are a blessing to so many!

With love and gratitude,

Dennis and Robin




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